Garden Delights

Welcome to my Desert Hot Springs garden.

And, yes, you can have a wonderful garden in the desert.

Guest Post by Luann Mitchell, DHS Highlands

Zucchini, planted from seed, originally watered each morning.

Because of our summer heat, I water early morning and again at night.

I use Miracle Grow every two weeks and grow in pots of Kellogg planting soil.

I just harvested my first two Zucchini --

there's nothing better than home grown squash.

My cantaloupe, planted from seed, are now the size of a softball.

I water twice a day in summertime.

Same info I do with the other plants and this is one also in a pot.

These are my miracle grown beef steak tomatoes!

A special gift in my garden this morning.

It only lasted a few hours but it was stunning.

From the internet it states it is a Tiger Lily.

It must have been amoung the 200 bulbs I planted some time ago.

It sure made my day when I saw it.

Don't get me wrong, I have my beliefs and faith,

but sometimes you need a little breath of fresh air...

So I garden and share my pics in hopes they might put a smile on someone else face;

it sure has helped me.

And, anytime you go by, don't hesitate to stop in and say "Hi!"

I have met some terrific neighbors.

Have a wonderful Weekend my friends and neighbors.

This little rose doesn't even care

that it's 123-degrees outside.


Inspired to get your own garden growing?

Visit Desert Hot Springs Florist and Nursery

Find your Succulent Succulents at Marshal Cactus & Succulents

"Get Your Hands Dirty"

Participate in the DHS Rotary Club Community Garden project.

And, until we have our own Farmers Market in DHS,

shop at Farmer in the Dale Produce

Or take a short drive to the Palm Springs Summer Market

8am - 12:30pm at the Palm Springs Pavilion,

401 S. Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, CA.

Moved indoors for summer!

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