"We're going out to Giant Rock tonight to see the UFO's, wanna come along?"

"Sure, why not? I’ll drive!"

New to the desert, driving my SUV with 3 new Wednesday Night Live friends from Palm Springs, we head up the 62, then out the 247 towards Landers... didn’t a big 6ish earthquake happen in Landers? When was that? 1990-something? someplace called Big Rock.

Shoot, this may have been a BIG mistake. Washboard, washboard, bump, bump, bump…

Wow, it’s really DARK out here. Did I mention we're now on a dirt road to who knows where?

Now who are they talking about? What? What did she just say? Who? Oh!

“We'll see UFO’s at Giant Rock..."

Somehow, was it night vision or alien telepathy? my navigator knew exactly how to get to the Giant…

“Turn here, veer to the right…”

There are NO roadsigns, at least none that I could see. The backseat drivers offer guidance.


“Faster so you don't get stuck in the sand...”

Who knew? I mean, well, I did, kind of. I am familiar with the concept of increasing speed so as to not get stuck in the softer, mostly-on-the-shoulder sand. In fact, while searching for an address somewhere in this general vacuity a few years back, what I thought was a road turned out to be a wash, or became one? and in an attempt to turn around while keeping up speed proved their point. And, that time it was daylight, and yes, one of us did have to walk out to find help because we had no cell service… and, yes, we did have to have the Camry pulled out—a story for another day—but you get why I was a bit concerned… ALL things considered.

Giant Rock. I learned this particular area has been known for years as an alien contact point. Seriously. I didn't get any photos that night—much too dark for the iPhone—but this area has a curious history. Check out The Intrigue of Giant Rock, an article written by Barbara LaGrange; photos by Frank Rodrigue from the same article (used with permission).

See the man between the rocks?

I'm pretty sure we passed The Integratron that night and according to the LaGrange artie, “The Integratron is a 38-foot high, 50-foot diameter, non-metallic structure designed by the engineer George Van Tassel as a rejuvenation and time machine.” That’s right, time machine…

Integratron in Landers, CA

“Joshua Tree is just a few miles over that way,” they point in the darkness as we recline on our zero-gravity chairs and scan the starry sky. You really have to go to CONTACT and meet our friends… What? These people actually know the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens commentators. Seriously.

Wow! My new friends are certainly interesting... and connected.

But wait? Will we really see UFO’s tonight?

Drive Faster!

Let me clear up something right now. It's not, "Big Rock" it's Giant Rock and it has a very cool story you can read all about it here. Credit for these photos goes to the same story. See the man in the center picture?

If YOU want to make Contact in the Desert you can! May 19 - 22th. Personally, I can't wait!

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